La Mer de Sable Map and Brochure (2006 – 2023)

Location: Ermenoville, Picardie, France

Years Active: 1963 – Active

La Mer de Sable, nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of Ermenonville, France, is a captivating theme park that has been enchanting visitors since its opening in 1963. Located approximately 50 kilometers northeast of Paris, this unique park offers a thrilling blend of Wild West and desert-themed adventures. Its vast expanse of sandy dunes and immersive attractions transport visitors to a bygone era, making it a one-of-a-kind destination for families and thrill-seekers alike.

At La Mer de Sable, guests can embark on a journey through time and imagination with a range of key attractions that include thrilling rides like the roller coaster “Tonnerre de Zeus,” or the heart-pounding “Grand Canyon,” along with family-friendly options such as the “Carrousel des Animaux.” Additionally, the park hosts captivating seasonal festivals, like “La Fรชte des Cowboys,” adding an extra layer of excitement and cultural immersion for all ages.

Recent visitor statistics reveal an impressive influx of over 700,000 guests annually, attesting to its enduring appeal and status as a cherished French attraction. With plans for ongoing expansion and innovation, La Mer de Sable continues to offer an unforgettable escape into the enchanting world of the Wild West, promising new adventures for generations to come.

Why is there sand in Ermenonville?

Ermenonville, a commune in France, features sand due to its unique geological and environmental characteristics. The area is situated within the Montataire-Ermenonville Sand Sheet, which is part of the larger Fontainebleau Sandstone Formation. This geological formation is composed of sandstone and sand deposits, dating back to the Triassic period. Over time, erosion and weathering processes have exposed these sand deposits, creating the sandy landscape found in Ermenonville today. Additionally, the nearby Ermenonville Forest and its shifting dunes contribute to the presence of sand in the region.

Where is the Sea of Sand in France?

The “Sea of Sand” in France, also known as the “Mer de Sable,” is not an actual body of water but rather a well-known sand dune area located in the Ermenonville Forest, near the village of Ermenonville in the Oise department of northern France. This sandy expanse is often referred to as the “Sea of Sand” due to its vast, undulating dunes that resemble a desert landscape. It is a popular tourist destination, offering visitors a unique experience of walking through the sandy terrain, reminiscent of a desert, in the heart of France.

Who owns the Sea of Sand?

The “Sea of Sand” or the Mer de Sable is a privately-owned amusement park and tourist attraction. It is owned and operated by the Efteling Group, a Dutch company known for its theme parks. The Efteling Group acquired the Mer de Sable in 1998 and has since developed it into an entertaining destination with various rides, shows, and activities set within the picturesque sand dune landscape of Ermenonville Forest.

La Mer de Sable Map 2023

La Mer de Sable Map 2006

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