La Récré des 3 Curés Map and Brochure (2014 – 2023)

Location: Milizac, France

Years Active: 1989 – Active

La Récré des 3 Curés is all quirky French charm. It’s named after three mythical priests – weird, but that’s the point! Expect a mix of adrenaline-pumping and kiddie rides. Some are a bit dated, but that adds to the experience. Insider tip: bring a raincoat on warm days – lots of water rides!

They throw truly unique festivals with weird local traditions. Forget princesses – this is full-on Breton quirk! Keep an eye out for a peek behind the scenes – the staff are super friendly (and sometimes a tad eccentric).

La Récré des 3 Curés won’t wow you with groundbreaking attractions. But if you’re ready for a theme park with a soul and a sprinkle of the unexpected, this place is worth the detour.

Why the name Récré des 3 cures?

The name “Récré des 3 cures” translates to “Recreation of the Three Priests” in English. It derives its name from a folklore legend associated with the site. According to local lore, three priests used to visit the area and engage in recreational activities, making it a popular spot for leisure and relaxation. Over time, the name stuck, and the place became known as the “Récré des 3 cures” due to its historical connection with these clergy members.

What is the name of the Récré des Trois-Curés mascot?

The official mascot of Récré des Trois-Curés is known as “Curito.” Curito is a friendly and whimsical character that embodies the spirit of fun and recreation at the park. It often participates in various events and activities at the park, entertaining visitors and adding to the overall enjoyment of the experience. Curito’s presence enhances the park’s family-friendly atmosphere and serves as a symbol of the park’s commitment to providing a memorable and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

La Récré des 3 Curés Map 2023

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