Lava Hot Springs Olympic Swimming Complex Map and Brochure (2019 – 2023)

Location: Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

Years Active: 2000 – Active

Love it or hate it, everyone knows about the Lava Hot Springs Olympic Swimming Complex. Since it opened, this place has been a fixture. Sure, the hot springs are the main draw, but if you want to swim or get some sun, this is where you’ll end up.

Truthfully, summer crowds can be crazy. If you like your space, visit the complex off-season. It gets surprisingly chill then – you might have the indoor pool to yourself. Want a pro tip? Ask the staff about the “secret” hot tub. It’s tucked away, warmer than the main springs, and a lot less busy.

This place is more than just pools. They’ve got those high diving platforms that’ll scare the pants off you, plus water slides for the kids. Festivals happen all the time, especially in summer. Some are fun, some are…well, let’s just say Idaho has its own unique vibe.

Where does the water come from at Lava Hot Springs?

The water at Lava Hot Springs originates from underground geothermal sources. These natural hot springs are fed by geothermally heated groundwater that percolates through layers of rock and sediment deep within the Earth’s crust. As the water travels through these subsurface geological formations, it is heated by the Earth’s internal heat, eventually rising to the surface at Lava Hot Springs.

How deep is Lava Hot Springs?

The depth of Lava Hot Springs varies depending on the specific pool or spring within the complex. Generally, the pools at Lava Hot Springs range from 3 to 6 feet deep. However, it’s important to note that the depth can change over time due to natural geological processes and maintenance efforts to ensure the safety and comfort of visitors.

How many hot pools are in Lava Hot Springs?

Lava Hot Springs boasts multiple hot pools for visitors to enjoy. The facility offers a total of five outdoor hot pools, each with varying temperatures, providing a range of relaxation and therapeutic options for guests. These pools are maintained and heated using the geothermal waters that flow naturally to the surface, making Lava Hot Springs a popular destination for those seeking the benefits of soaking in mineral-rich, naturally heated waters.

Lava Hot Springs Olympic Swimming Complex Brochure 2023

Lava Hot Springs Olympic Swimming Complex Brochure 2022

Lava Hot Springs Olympic Swimming Complex Map 2019

Lava Hot Springs Olympic Swimming Complex Brochure 2019

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