Legoland Deutschland Resort Map and Brochure (2021 – 2024)

Location: Günzburg, Germany

Years Active: 2002 – Active

Welcome to Legoland Deutschland Resort in Günzburg! This place isn’t just about rides. It’s a world built from those tiny blocks we all loved as kids. It’s been around since 2002, so they know how to make your brick-filled dreams come true.

Forget about lines and head straight for LEGO City. It’s the beating heart of the park. It’s a LEGO town come to life, which is way cooler than it sounds. Want adventure? The Dragon Coaster will make you scream in the best way. Pirate Land is more chill, perfect if you like boat rides. And if your kid’s a ninja-in-training, LEGO Ninjago is their dream.

Legoland loves a good party. Time your trip to match one of their festivals. Think fireworks and piles of LEGO bricks – what’s not to love?

This place is seriously popular. Don’t expect to have it to yourself. But honestly, the crowds are proof that Legoland is doing something right. They’re always adding new stuff, too, so it just keeps getting better.

What city is closest to Legoland Germany?

The city closest to Legoland Germany is Günzburg. Legoland Deutschland Resort is located in the town of Günzburg, which is situated in the Bavarian region of Germany. Günzburg serves as the gateway to the theme park, making it a convenient base for visitors to access the attractions and accommodations at Legoland Germany.

How many rides are there in Legoland Germany?

Legoland Germany offers a diverse array of rides and attractions for visitors to enjoy. There are approximately 55 rides and attractions in the park. These include thrilling roller coasters, family-friendly rides, interactive shows, and various themed experiences. Keep in mind that the number of rides and attractions may change over time as the park continues to evolve and expand its offerings.

How many days do you need in Legoland Germany?

To fully experience Legoland Germany and enjoy all it has to offer, it is recommended to plan for at least one to two days at the park. One day can provide a good overview of the major attractions and rides, but if you want to explore all the themed areas, enjoy shows, and make the most of your visit, spending two days at the park is advisable. This allows for a more relaxed and immersive experience, especially if you are visiting with children who may want to take their time exploring the various LEGO-themed worlds within the resort.

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