Liseberg Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Years Active: 1923 – Active

Liseberg in Gothenburg ain’t your average theme park. It’s been around for a century – that tells you something. Sure, it has the wild roller coasters like Helix (locals say it’s best at night). But what sets Liseberg apart are the weird little things. The gardens are seriously something special, a total change-up from the usual ride mania.

Don’t think Liseberg is all chill, though. They throw epic festivals – the Christmas market gets absolutely packed, but it’s worth fighting the crowds. If you really want the inside scoop, avoid the big holidays. Weekdays in the fall mean shorter lines and you can still hit up most of the good stuff.

Liseberg changes a lot – they’re always adding new rides and shows. Old favorites might be gone next time you visit, but honestly, that’s part of the fun. It’s a place that caters to the thrill-seekers but surprises you with the unexpected too.

Why is Liseberg famous?

Liseberg is famous for being one of Sweden’s premier amusement parks and a popular tourist attraction. Established in 1923, it has a rich history and offers a wide range of thrilling rides, entertainment shows, and various activities for visitors of all ages. Its fame also stems from hosting the annual Liseberg Christmas Market, one of Scandinavia’s largest and most renowned holiday markets, attracting visitors from across the region.

Where in Sweden is Liseberg?

Liseberg is located in the city of Gothenburg, which is situated on the western coast of Sweden. Specifically, it is nestled in the heart of Gothenburg, making it easily accessible to both local residents and tourists visiting the city.

What is the biggest amusement park in Sweden?

Liseberg holds the distinction of being the largest amusement park in Sweden in terms of both size and popularity. It boasts an extensive array of rides, roller coasters, themed areas, and entertainment options, making it a top destination for amusement park enthusiasts in Sweden and beyond.

Liseberg Winter Map 2023

Liseberg Halloween Map 2023

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