Loro Parque Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Tenerife Island, Spain

Years Active: 1972 – Active

Located on Tenerife Island in Spain, Loro Parque, which opened its doors on December 17, 1972, stands as a renowned zoological and conservation park. Beyond providing entertainment, its mission is to inspire conservation awareness and safeguard biodiversity. Loro Parque boasts an array of captivating attractions, from the intelligent parrots featured in the Loro Show to the mesmerizing performances of killer whales in Orca Ocean. Its lush botanical gardens, impressive aquariums, and informative exhibits offer engaging experiences.

The park hosts vibrant celebrations like the “Carnaval de los Animales” parade, which merges the spirit of the Canaries with its magnificent animals. Additionally, the annual “Loro Parque Fundación Gala” raises funds for global wildlife conservation projects. With consistently high annual visitor numbers reaching into the millions, Loro Parque has ambitious expansion plans, ensuring its legacy as a beacon of education, conservation, and wonder for generations to come.

What is Loro Parque famous for?

Loro Parque is famous for being a world-renowned zoological park located in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. It is primarily known for its impressive collection of parrots and other exotic bird species, featuring one of the most extensive and diverse parrot collections in the world. However, the park is also celebrated for its conservation efforts, including breeding programs for endangered species and its commitment to animal welfare and education.

Are there still killer whales at Loro Parque?

Loro Parque still housed killer whales, specifically orcas, in its facilities. Loro Parque has been known for its controversial ownership and exhibition of orcas, which has sparked debates regarding the ethics of keeping such large marine mammals in captivity. It is advisable to check the most recent information to confirm the current status of orcas at Loro Parque, as circumstances may have evolved since then.

Why were the whales at Loro Parque?

The killer whales (orcas) at Loro Parque were primarily kept for entertainment purposes, as they were featured in daily shows and performances that drew visitors to the park. These shows aimed to educate the public about marine life while providing entertainment. However, the captivity of orcas for such purposes has been a subject of controversy and ethical concern, with many advocating for more natural and humane alternatives for these highly intelligent and social marine animals.

Loro Parque Map 2023

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