Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo Map and Brochure (2022)

Location: Monroe, Louisiana

Years Active: 1929 – Active

Forget fancy, modern zoos – the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo is all about that classic animal-watching experience. Sure, some exhibits could use a refresh, but that’s part of its charm. It’s been a Monroe staple since 1929! You’ll find over 500 animals, from the big crowd-pleasers to some quirky surprises.

Don’t miss the monkeys! They always put on a show. Mornings are best for avoiding crowds, and the animals are super active then. Want to see the tigers go wild? Ask a keeper about feeding times.

Don’t underestimate the gardens. They’re a hidden gem, especially if you like a laid-back picnic vibe. This zoo has the perfect balance of animals and chill nature time.

How many acres is the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo?

The Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo spans across approximately 80 acres of land. Located in Monroe, Louisiana, this zoo and botanical garden complex offers a diverse array of animal species and lush botanical exhibits. Established in 1926, the zoo has grown and evolved over the years to become a prominent attraction in the region, featuring numerous exhibits and educational programs.

Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo Map 2022

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