Mall of America Aquarium Map and Brochure (2021 – 2023)

Location: Bloomington, Minnesota

Years Active: 1996 – Active

Ever been to Minnesota? Forget the snow. Head straight to the Mall of America Aquarium and dive into the aquarium! It’s a massive underwater wonderland – a true escape. And get this: it’s been amazing visitors since 1996.

The highlights are mind-blowing. Imagine walking through an underwater tunnel with sharks circling above you! Ever wanted to touch a starfish? They’ve got hands-on exhibits for that.

Here’s an insider tip: go early or late to beat the crowds. Weekdays are best. Want to see something special? They have behind-the-scenes tours where you get up close to the animals and learn how they care for them. Sometimes they even have sleepovers right by the shark tank!

The aquarium isn’t just about staring at fish. They’re big on teaching people about the ocean and how to protect it. Now, it’s not perfect – some animal lovers think keeping big fish in a tank is a bit sad. But, it definitely makes you think.

How big is the SEA LIFE Aquarium?

The size of SEA LIFE Aquariums varies by location. However, many SEA LIFE Aquariums are designed to be compact, immersive experiences, typically covering a few thousand square feet to a few acres. For instance, SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium, located in the Mall of America, spans approximately 1.3 million gallons of water and occupies around 1.2 acres, offering visitors a diverse range of aquatic environments and marine species to explore.

Mall of America Aquarium Map 2023

Mall of America Aquarium Map 2021

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