Legoland Windsor

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About Frederick Luna

Frederick Luna, is a a world traveler who has spent many family vacations at many different theme parks. Some of his favorites includes Legoland, Knotts Berry Farm, and Dollywood. Always ready to share info about his favorite theme parks!

    1. Mrs p Brucklandsays:

      I really want a hard copy brochure to send to my grandson for his birthday, we are paying for their visit but would love to include a brochure in his card. I don’t have a printer. Thank you

    2. Colleen Gaffneysays:

      I’ve bought a week end break at the Lego land castle hotel as a Christmas present for my grandchildren and their parents. I wondered if you could send me a brochure or a card or something that I can wrap up and give them on Christmas morning?

      Regards Colleen Gaffney
      30 Nelson Road
      Worcester WR2 5BN

      1. How exciting! Here is everything I have for Legoland on our website:

        Thank you

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