SeaWorld San Diego Map 2022

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Seaworld San Diego is the best place to go if you’re looking to have some unlimited fun in San Diego. Seaworld San Diego map 2022 shows the theme park’s major attractions, including its Oceanarium, animal theme park, marine mammal park, and an outside aquarium. The theme park is located in San Diego, California, inside mission bay park, and is owned by SeaWorld parks & entertainment.

Covid-19 Updates

Seaworld San Diego adheres to Covid-19 restrictions and limits its attendance for in-state visitors. Seaworld San Diego’s entry requirements dictate that out-of-state visitors submit proof of complete Covid-19 vaccinations or show proof of a negative Covid-19 test administered within 72 hours before visiting the park.

California’s Blueprint designed for a safer economy requires in-state visitors only as industry guidance dictating amusement and theme park attendance. However, Seaworld San Diego provides an alternative, including testing for non-vaccinated visitors, even though the Blueprint guidance doesn’t support that.

Things to do in Seaworld San Diego

Animal experiences

Killer Whales at SeaWorld San Diego

Seaworld San Diego offers the best animal experiences with penguins, sea lions, dolphins, beluga whales, killer whales, shark interactions, etc. The theme parks have hundreds of penguins and other animals that you can interact with in-water or on tours. Get an insider perspective on various animals out in the field or park and get the opportunity to touch them.

You can also join the trainers and listen as they share their personal stories and unique facts about the animals. Stick around and be educated on how the animals are cared for. Explore their diversity and get the chance to take photos with some of your favorite animals.

Feed and touch stingrays and learn more about their fascinating underwater world. You can also make friends with Puffins from the arctic and enjoy the immersive animal experience. SeaWorld San Diego will provide you with boots and parkas for a wholesome and immersive animal experience.

SeaWorld San Diego Event calendar

Get the chance to participate in various events, including spectacular Christmas lights (in December), food festivals, and other forms of electrifying entertainment. Visit between June and August and experience fun summer events like the water ski stunt show, their awesome Chill Out Bar, and the extreme fireworks finale.

You can also visit between August and September and enjoy 200 years of Oktoberfest traditions and a lineup of global beers and various local favorites featured by Bier Fest. Visit between September and October and get to meet Halloween characters at Seaworld Spooktacular’s family-friendly daytime event.

Visit Seaworld San Diego between September and October and experience their sinister Halloween experience. Experience hundreds of roaming creatures in scare zones and haunted houses. Visit Seaworld San Diego any time, and you’re sure to find something fun to do.

Presentations and Activities

Seaworld offers live family-friendly activities and presentations that will make your visit fun and memorable. For instance, you can enjoy Soms Do Brasil, an activity that includes various unique musical selections, including African rhythms, European melodies, and Native American culture.

You can also enjoy the Taiko drummers presenting a powerful performance that combines precision and power, bringing out Japan’s rich history. Roll out the barrel at Brew Beatz and have fun and exciting experiences. If you have some kids, you could take them to Sunny Day Celebration for a fun time with Elmo and his friends.

Rides at SeaWorld San Diego

Experience extraordinary rides and thrilling coasters with the entire family at SeaWorld San Diego. You can experience several rides, including raft rides to hypercoasters. Enjoy the texas stingray, recorded as the longest, fastest, and tallest ride in Texas, the riptide rescue (though it’s currently closed), and the sea swinger that launches riders on an arc, putting them near-parallel with the group at its highest.

The Wave Breaker (the New Ride at Seaworld San Diego) shoots you through the air in an exciting adventure that joins you with SeaWorld’s rescue team in the quest to help animals in danger. Visit the theme park and get the chance to ride the great white roller coaster that takes you through 360˚ flips, racing you on a floorless run at 50mph.

If you’re visiting with your kids, you could take them to the super Grover’s boxcar derby for some fun and excitement in an action-packed race perfect for children and adults alike. You could also enjoy Rio Loco’s bobs and bounces as it takes you through crazy turns, twists, and drop-offs as you get closer to the waterfall.

Sesame Street at Seaworld San Diego

Sesame Street in SeaWorld San Diego

Sesame Street at SeaWorld San Diego is the best place for your kids to laugh, learn, and have fun. You can spend some time together as a family at no extra charge. Sesame Place features a musical play area, sesame-themed rides, and water attractions, including a wave pool.

It’s one of the biggest in California and a fun place to have a good time with your kids. You can visit Seaworld San Diego’s sesame street all of 2022 with one low-price fun card included with park admission.

Is Shamu still at SeaWorld San Diego?

Unfortunately, the Shamu show ended in 2017 because of an accident involving the orcas. The show has been transformed to display orcas’ behavior in their natural habitat.

Seaworld San Diego tickets

You can get date-specific tickets for $69.99 and visit on a select date. You can also add a side, an entree, or dessert and a drink every 60mins for only $30. All children under 3 years enter for free. Get a 2-day park ticket, save over 25% and get admission to sesame place and SeaWorld (visit before June 30th, 2022).

You can also get a three-day admission to visit top attractions and experience various activities without paying at the gate. Lastly, get a three-for-1 ticket and admission to San Diego zoo safari park, sand Diego Zoo, and SeaWorld San Diego.

Ready to Plan Your Next Vacation?

SeaWorld San Diego is the perfect place for families to have fun. It has lots of kid-friendly activities, rides, and places for parents to have fun. Book for your preferred activities, take up their offers on tickets and enjoy an amazing experience. 

What’s the first ride you want to go on when you make it to SeaWorld?

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