Maui Ocean Center Map and Brochure (2020 – 2023)

Location: Maui, Hawaii

Years Active: 1998 – Active

The Maui Ocean Center, located on Maui in Hawaii, is a world-renowned marine attraction that opened in 1998. Its primary focus is to educate and inspire visitors about the diverse marine life thriving in the Hawaiian archipelago. With captivating exhibits and interactive experiences, it offers an educational journey beyond typical aquariums, emphasizing the unique Hawaiian marine ecosystems.

At the heart of the Maui Ocean Center is “The Hawaiian Aquarium,” featuring attractions like the mesmerizing Open Ocean exhibit with sharks, rays, and vibrant fish in a massive 750,000-gallon tank. Other exhibits include the Living Reef, Turtle Lagoon, and Sea Jelly Gallery, showcasing Hawaii’s marine diversity. The center hosts various festivals and events, such as the Maui Whale Festival, celebrating humpback whales’ annual migration. With consistently high annual attendance, it has expansion plans to offer even more immersive insights into the Pacific’s vibrant underwater world.

Who owns Maui Ocean Center?

Maui Ocean Center is privately owned by Coral World International, a company dedicated to marine education and conservation. This company operates several aquariums and ocean-themed attractions around the world, with a commitment to raising awareness about marine life and environmental conservation.

When did the Maui Ocean Center open?

The Maui Ocean Center opened its doors to the public on March 18, 1998. Since its inception, it has served as a prominent marine park and educational facility on the Hawaiian island of Maui, showcasing the rich diversity of marine life found in the surrounding waters of Hawaii.

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