Mount Olympus Theme Park Map and Brochure (2019 – 2023)

Location: Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Years Active: 1990 – Active

Mount Olympus Theme Park isn’t your standard theme park. It’s been a Wisconsin Dells staple since 1972, and the Greek mythology thing is either your jam or it isn’t. But if you love a good thrill, this place delivers. Think coasters like Hades 360 and massive water parks. It gets crowded, especially on weekends, but hey, that’s part of the experience.

Want a pro tip? Time your visit for one of their crazy festivals. Spring Flare has fireworks, and Halloween gets seriously spooky. Mount Olympus is always growing, too. They’re always adding rides and attractions, so thereโ€™s something new to discover with each visit.

How Many Roller Coasters Does Mt. Olympus Have?

These roller coasters, namely Hades 360, Hades: The Netherworld, Pegasus, Cyclops, and Zeus, contribute to the park’s reputation as a premier destination for amusement park enthusiasts. Each coaster offers its unique blend of twists, turns, and adrenaline-pumping moments, ensuring a memorable experience for visitors. To obtain the most current information, it is advisable to check the park’s website or contact them directly, as the number of roller coasters may have changed since my last update.

Mount Olympus Theme Park Map 2023

Mount Olympus Theme Park Map 2022

Mount Olympus Theme Park Map 2019

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