Mystic Aquarium Map and Brochure (2015 – 2023)

Location: Mystic, Connecticut

Years Active: 1973 – Active

Mystic Aquarium isn’t your average sea life exhibit. Sure, it’s got the cute seals and penguins, but this place dives deeper. They’re big into research and saving ocean animals, which you’ll get to see firsthand. Their beluga whales are a must-see – you won’t find these gentle giants at many other aquariums.

Get ready to be amazed. The coral reefs will blow your mind with all those colors and weird fish. And the open ocean exhibit – that’s where things get intense!

Mystic Aquarium’s not all serious though. They throw cool events all year – imagine holiday lights with the sea creatures! Want to see how they help injured animals? There’s an open house for that.

What is special about Mystic Aquarium?

Mystic Aquarium, located in Mystic, Connecticut, is renowned for its exceptional focus on marine education, conservation, and research. It distinguishes itself through its commitment to the preservation of marine life and ecosystems. Visitors can explore a diverse range of marine species, including beluga whales, sea lions, and penguins, in state-of-the-art exhibits that emphasize both entertainment and education. Mystic Aquarium also stands out for its dedication to marine research and its role in rescuing and rehabilitating stranded or injured marine animals, contributing significantly to the understanding and conservation of aquatic life in Long Island Sound and beyond.

What happened at Mystic Aquarium?

Mystic Aquarium has been involved in various conservation initiatives and scientific research projects over the years. They have made substantial contributions to the study of marine animals, particularly cetaceans and pinnipeds. Additionally, the aquarium has been instrumental in rescuing and rehabilitating stranded marine animals, including seals, sea turtles, and dolphins. Such efforts have not only helped individual animals but have also contributed to a broader understanding of marine animal health, behavior, and conservation.

Where does Mystic Aquarium get their animals?

Mystic Aquarium is committed to responsible and ethical practices when acquiring animals for its exhibits. The aquarium primarily sources its animals through partnerships with other accredited zoological and aquarium facilities and participates in cooperative breeding programs that prioritize the health and genetic diversity of captive populations. Mystic Aquarium is dedicated to ensuring that its animals are obtained in a manner that promotes conservation and the well-being of the species, adhering to the highest standards set by organizations like the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and following strict guidelines for animal acquisition and care.

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