Nashville Zoo Grassmere Map and Brochure (2014 – 2023)

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Years Active: 1990 – Active

Nashville Zoo Grassmere it’s got its pros and cons. The animal selection is impressive – we’re talking tigers, rhinos, all the crowd-pleasers. They put real effort into educational exhibits, and that’s something to appreciate. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing playful kangaroos or sleepy giraffes?

But let’s spill the tea: be ready for crowds, especially on weekends. Parking is a hassle, so arrive early or consider ride-sharing if you can. And yeah, those zoo food prices are outrageous. Insider tip: pack your own lunch and turn it into a picnic experience.

Here’s where Nashville Zoo really shines: their events. “Zoolumination” is a must if you’re around for the holidays. It’s a truly magical light show. Want something even more special? Look out for their occasional “Night Tours” where you get to explore the zoo after dark.

Where was the Nashville Zoo before Grassmere?

Before moving to its current location at Grassmere, the Nashville Zoo was situated in Joelton, Tennessee. In 1990, the zoo relocated from Joelton to its present site, a historic plantation known as Grassmere, which spans 188 acres. This move allowed the Nashville Zoo to expand and enhance its facilities, leading to significant improvements in animal habitats and visitor experiences.

What is the Nashville Zoo known for?

The Nashville Zoo is renowned for its diverse collection of over 2,700 animals representing more than 375 species. Visitors flock to the zoo to witness its exceptional exhibits, including the Expedition Peru: Trek of the Andean Bear, Kangaroo Kickabout, and Flamingo Lagoon, among many others. Additionally, the Nashville Zoo is recognized for its conservation efforts, educational programs, and commitment to wildlife preservation, making it a prominent destination for both entertainment and environmental awareness.

Who is the CEO of Nashville Zoo?

The CEO of the Nashville Zoo was Rick Schwartz.

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