Noboribetsu Date Jidai Village Map and Brochure (2018 – 2022)

Location: Noboribetsu, Japan

Years Active: 1983 – Active

Step back in time… if you dare. Noboribetsu Date Jidai Village isn’t a theme park for the faint of heart. It’s where Japan’s past comes alive – the good, the bad, and the thrillingly dangerous.

These streets hide secrets. Buildings whisper tales of feuding lords and shadowy figures. Master craftsmen wield ancient skills – a beautiful vase one minute, a deadly weapon the next.

Around every corner, a spectacle unfolds. Samurai clash in blinding fury. Ninjas vanish in a flicker of smoke. Watch geisha perform dances that once enchanted emperors. You might even catch a glimpse of something… not quite of this world.

This is where history gets personal. Rent a warrior’s armor and feel the weight of centuries on your shoulders. Learn calligraphy, and a simple brushstroke suddenly holds the power of ancient scholars. Noboribetsu Date Jidai Village isn’t about dusty museums. It’s about whispers in the wind, the thrill of the unknown, and a past so real you can almost touch it.

How to get to Noboribetsu Date Jidai Village?

Noboribetsu Date Jidai Village is accessible via various transportation modes. From Noboribetsu Station, visitors can take a bus or taxi to reach the village. Alternatively, driving is a convenient option, with ample parking available onsite. The village is situated in Noboribetsu, Hokkaido, Japan, making it easily reachable for both domestic and international tourists.

How long to spend in Noboribetsu Date Jidai Village?

A recommended duration to explore Noboribetsu Date Jidai Village thoroughly is about 2 to 3 hours. This allows visitors sufficient time to experience the recreated Edo period atmosphere, witness historical performances, and explore the various exhibits and attractions within the village. Additionally, ample time should be allocated to enjoy the traditional cuisines and participate in cultural activities offered onsite.

Noboribetsu Date Jidai Village Map 2022

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Noboribetsu Date Jidai Village Map 2018

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