North Carolina Zoo Map and Brochure (2019 – 2024)

Location: Asheboro, North Carolina

Years Active: 1974 – Active

The North Carolina Zoo is a big deal. It’s massive – the world’s largest natural habitat zoo! If you love animals, this is a must-see. They’ve been open since 1974, and the mission is serious, protect animals, teach people to care. But it’s not boring. It feels less like a zoo and more like you’re wandering through real, wild places.

They’ve got animals from Africa, North America, and all over. Get ready for elephants, gorillas… heck, even polar bears! You’ll walk a lot, so wear good shoes… and don’t expect manicured lawns. It’s meant to feel wild.

The coolest time to go is early morning. The animals are more active and the crowds are smaller. Plus, pack a lunch! Food options inside are limited and you’ll want all day to explore.

What is special about the NC Zoo?

The North Carolina Zoo, located in Asheboro, is renowned for its commitment to conservation and education. It is one of the largest natural habitat zoos in the world, spanning over 2,600 acres. The zoo’s unique feature lies in its emphasis on creating expansive, naturalistic enclosures that mimic the animals’ native habitats, providing a more enriching and authentic experience for both the animals and visitors. Furthermore, the NC Zoo is actively involved in various global conservation efforts and is dedicated to preserving endangered species and their ecosystems.

What is the NC Zoo ranked?

The North Carolina Zoo consistently ranks among the top zoos in the United States. Its commitment to animal welfare, conservation, and educational programs has earned it high recognition in the industry. While specific rankings may vary depending on the organization conducting the evaluation, the NC Zoo frequently holds positions in the top 10 or 20 of national zoo rankings. Its dedication to excellence and its extensive collection of animals from around the world contribute to its high standing in the zoo community.

How many animals are at the North Carolina Zoo?

The North Carolina Zoo is home to a diverse collection of approximately 1,800 animals representing over 250 species. These animals come from various regions and ecosystems worldwide, and they are housed in expansive, naturalistic habitats designed to mimic their native environments. This extensive and carefully curated collection allows the zoo to educate the public about the importance of wildlife conservation while providing a memorable and educational experience for visitors.

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