Northwest Trek Wildlife Park Map and Brochure (2018 – 2023)

Location: Eatonville, Washington

Years Active: 1975 – Active

Northwest Trek Wildlife Park isn’t your average zoo. This massive park near Eatonville, Washington, ditches cages for huge, natural spaces. It’s been open since 1975, but it’s anything but old school. Forget shuffling past bored animals – here, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the wild.

The must-do experience is the tram tour. Herds of bison and elk wander right by, sometimes even holding up traffic! Love going behind-the-scenes? Spring for the extra cost of a Keeper Adventure Tour. You’ll get closer looks at the animals and hear the park’s not-always-pretty conservation stories.

Who owns Northwest Trek?

Northwest Trek is owned and operated by the Metro Parks Tacoma, a government agency located in Tacoma, Washington. It is one of the many attractions and parks under the management of Metro Parks Tacoma.

What is the history of NW Trek?

Northwest Trek, located near Eatonville, Washington, was established in 1975 as a wildlife park and conservation center. It was created with the goal of providing a natural and immersive environment for native North American wildlife, particularly those species found in the Pacific Northwest. Over the years, Northwest Trek has played a vital role in wildlife conservation, education, and research, focusing on the preservation of native species and the promotion of environmental awareness.

How big is Northwest Trek?

Northwest Trek encompasses approximately 725 acres of pristine Pacific Northwest forested land. Within this expansive area, visitors can explore various habitats, including forests, meadows, and wetlands, which are home to a diverse array of wildlife species. The park also features a tram tour and walking trails that allow guests to observe animals in a setting as close to their natural habitat as possible, making it a significant destination for both education and wildlife appreciation.

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