OdySea Aquarium Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Years active: 2016 – Active

Forget everything you think you know about deserts. OdySea Aquarium will blow your mind. It’s a massive marine wonderland in the middle of Arizona! This place is more than just fish tanks. They bring the ocean to life with crazy interactive experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.

Here’s the inside scoop, want the best penguin pics? Hit up Penguin Point during their afternoon feeding time – those birds get feisty! For a trippy view, ride the Living Sea Carousel. It rotates as you watch sharks and sea turtles swim around you. Seriously, it feels like something out of a movie.

Want to walk underwater with sharks? Yep, they do that here (it costs extra, though). If you’re a parent, be warned, your kids won’t want to leave. Touch pools, a tide pool…OdySea has it all. Even the bathrooms are cool – they have windows into the shark habitat!

What is OdySea Aquarium?

OdySea Aquarium is a prominent marine life facility located in Scottsdale, Arizona. It stands as one of the Southwest’s premier attractions, providing visitors with a comprehensive and immersive aquatic experience. The aquarium features an extensive collection of marine species, including sharks, sea turtles, penguins, and countless other aquatic creatures. With over 2 million gallons of water, OdySea Aquarium offers a diverse range of exhibits, interactive displays, and educational programs, making it a notable destination for both tourists and locals interested in exploring the wonders of the underwater world.

Is Sea Life or OdySea Better?

OdySea Aquarium and Sea Life are distinct marine attractions, each with its own unique offerings. The preference between the two largely depends on individual interests and location. OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale, Arizona, is renowned for its size and diversity of marine life, offering a broader range of species and immersive experiences. On the other hand, Sea Life may be preferable for those in closer proximity to its locations, such as Sea Life Arizona in Tempe, as it provides a more compact and family-friendly experience. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on factors like geographical convenience and the specific marine life experiences one seeks.

OdySea Aquarium Level 1 Map 2023

OdySea Aquarium Level 2 Map 2023

OdySea Aquarium Level 1 Map 2022

OdySea Aquarium Level 2 Map 2022

OdySea Aquarium Level 1 Map 2021

OdySea Aquarium Level 2 Map 2021

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