Oregon Zoo Map and Brochure (2012 – 2024)

Location: Portland, Oregon

Years Active: 1888 – Active

The Oregon Zoo’s awesome, but it’s no wildlife utopia. It’s been around forever – since 1888! They house a ton of animals, over 1,800 across hundreds of species. Want to see lions, elephants, or creepy crawlies? They’re all here.

Their elephant exhibit’s pretty famous. It’s huge, giving them room to roam. But hey, insider tip: elephants are smart. You might still see signs of boredom. Best time to visit? Feeding times, of course, when you’ll see them most active.

Here’s the deal: the Oregon Zoo’s big on conservation stuff. Sometimes, that means enclosures feel a bit small, especially for the big predators. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not mistreated, but it ain’t the African plains either.

They throw fun events throughout the year. Zoolights is crazy popular, but also super crowded. If you hate crowds, it might not be for you. Smaller events are often way more interesting.

What is the Oregon Zoo known for?

The Oregon Zoo, located in Portland, Oregon, is renowned for its commitment to wildlife conservation and education. It is particularly known for its efforts in breeding and conserving endangered species, including the California condor, Asian elephant, and Amur leopard. The zoo also features immersive exhibits that provide visitors with a close-up view of various animals from around the world, such as lions, tigers, and polar bears. Additionally, the Oregon Zoo actively engages in community outreach programs and educational initiatives to raise awareness about wildlife conservation and habitat preservation.

How many animals does Oregon Zoo have?

The Oregon Zoo houses over 2,000 animals from diverse species. This impressive collection includes mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians, representing a wide range of ecosystems and regions. The zoo’s dedication to the well-being of its animals is evident through its conservation programs and carefully designed habitats that aim to mimic natural environments, ensuring the health and happiness of the animals in its care. Visitors to the Oregon Zoo can observe and learn about this extensive array of animals while supporting the zoo’s vital conservation efforts.

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