Parrot Island Waterpark Map and Brochure (2021 – 2023)

Location: Fort Smith, Arkansas

Years Active: 2017 – Active

Welcome to Parrot Island Waterpark! It’s your average waterpark with a splash of the Caribbean – nothing extraordinary, but it does the job on those hot Arkansas days. Expect the usual suspects: a wave pool, some decent slides (the Toucan Twister’s the fastest), and a lazy river for chilling out.

The lines get crazy on weekends. If you hate crowds, go on a weekday or try to snag one of their cabanas for a bit of shade and less waiting.

They do the whole ‘themed events’ thing too. Think movies by the pool or live bands. Pretty standard, but it can liven up the place.

Overall, it’s a good spot to cool off if you’re in the area. Don’t expect mind-blowing thrills, but it’s a fun way to beat the heat.

Who owns Parrot Island?

Parrot Island Waterpark is owned and operated by the City of Fort Smith, Arkansas, in the United States. It is a publicly-owned waterpark facility that offers a variety of water attractions and recreational activities for visitors in the Fort Smith area. The city manages and maintains the park to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for residents and tourists alike.

Parrot Island Waterpark Map 2023

Parrot Island Waterpark Map 2022

Parrot Island Waterpark Map 2021

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