Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Map and Brochure (2019 – 2023)

Location: Tacoma, Washington

Years Active: 1905 – Active

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is a Tacoma classic. It’s pretty old – opened way back in 1905! You’ll find it in that huge Point Defiance Park. This isn’t some generic zoo. They focus on Pacific Northwest critters on land and in the sea.

The Asian Forest Sanctuary is the place to see big cats. Tigers, clouded leopards – they all call it home. Want something cuter? Head to Rocky Shores. Sea otters are always up to something, and those walruses are huge.

Crowds can be rough on weekends. Go mid-week if you can for a way better experience. They also do some fun events. Zoo Boo at Halloween is a blast, even if you’re an adult.

How many aquariums are at Point Defiance Zoo?

Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington, features two prominent aquariums: the North Pacific Aquarium and the South Pacific Aquarium. These aquatic exhibits house a diverse range of marine life indigenous to the Pacific Ocean. The North Pacific Aquarium focuses on showcasing cold-water species such as sea otters, giant Pacific octopuses, and various fish species. In contrast, the South Pacific Aquarium highlights tropical marine life, including sharks, seahorses, and colorful coral reefs. These two aquariums provide visitors with an immersive and educational experience of marine ecosystems.

Does Point Defiance Zoo have an aquarium?

Yes, Point Defiance Zoo boasts not one but two aquariums. The North Pacific Aquarium and the South Pacific Aquarium are prominent attractions within the zoo complex. These well-maintained aquatic exhibits offer visitors a chance to explore the wonders of the Pacific Ocean, from cold-water marine species to vibrant tropical marine life. Each aquarium provides a unique opportunity to learn about and appreciate the diversity of marine ecosystems and the conservation efforts to protect them.

What animals are at Point Defiance Zoo?

Point Defiance Zoo houses a diverse array of animal species, representing various continents and ecosystems. Some of the notable animals found at the zoo include Bengal tigers, Asian elephants, polar bears, red wolves, Sumatran tigers, and lemurs. In addition to these charismatic species, the zoo features numerous birds, reptiles, and marine life in its various exhibits. Visitors can also observe the zoo’s efforts in conservation, education, and research aimed at protecting endangered species and preserving biodiversity.

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