Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort Map and Brochure (2021 – 2023)

Location: Middlefield, Connecticut

Years Active: 2013 – Active

Forget those fancy ski resorts with their overpriced lattes and snooty crowds. Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort is where you go for real fun on the slopes. Skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing – they’ve got all the winter classics, and some crazy festivals too (think live music and wacky snowman contests).

Weekdays are your best friend here. Empty slopes, fresh powder… it’s the way skiing’s meant to be. And hey, if you get a hankering for something different, they even do night skiing under the stars.

Sure, the lodge isn’t winning any Michelin stars, and the place gets chaotic on weekends. But who cares? You’re here for the good times, the shared laughs on the lift. Powder Ridge is all about community, from the friendly lifties to the families shredding it up together.

Who is the owner of Powder Ridge?

Powder Ridge is owned by Sean Hayes, who acquired the ski resort in 2012. Sean Hayes is a businessman with a passion for outdoor recreation and has invested in the development and improvement of Powder Ridge to enhance its offerings and facilities.

What is the history of Powder Ridge?

Powder Ridge is a ski resort located in Middlefield, Connecticut, USA. It was originally opened in 1961 and has a rich history of providing winter sports enthusiasts with skiing and snowboarding opportunities. Over the years, it has undergone various ownership changes and renovations to become a popular destination for both locals and tourists. Today, Powder Ridge offers a range of winter activities, including skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and more.

How big is Powder Ridge mountain?

Powder Ridge Mountain covers approximately 225 acres of terrain, making it a medium-sized ski resort. It features a variety of slopes and trails catering to skiers and snowboarders of different skill levels. The mountain’s elevation, vertical drop, and trail layout contribute to the overall skiing experience, making it a notable destination for winter sports enthusiasts in Connecticut and the surrounding region.

Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort Map 2023

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Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort Winter Map 2022

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