Ramoji Film City Map and Brochure (2022 – 2023)

Location: Hyderabad, India

Years Active: 1996 – Active

Welcome to Ramoji Film City, the world’s biggest movie playground! This sprawling Indian complex is a true testament to cinematic dreams. It’s a maze of detailed sets, lush gardens, and surprises around every corner. Think Hollywood on steroids!

Want the real scoop? Forget those glossy brochures. Ramoji can be a bit chaotic, especially during peak season. Expect crowds, some stuff might be closed for filming, and food options aren’t the best. But if you love the messy magic of moviemaking, this is the place.

They throw awesome parties too! If you’re lucky, your trip might coincide with one of their crazy Diwali or Holi festivals. It’s an explosion of color and a great way to experience real Indian culture.

What is the Cost of Ramoji Film City Ticket?

The cost of admission to Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, India, can vary based on the type of ticket and any optional add-ons you select. General entry tickets for adults ranged from approximately INR 1,250 to INR 2,350 per person. Discounts were typically available for children and senior citizens. There were also premium and express entry options at higher prices, offering additional benefits such as guided tours and faster access to attractions. It’s important to check the official Ramoji Film City website or contact them directly for the most current ticket prices.

Is Ramoji Film City the Largest in the World?

Ramoji Film City, situated in Hyderabad, India, boasts an impressive expanse, covering approximately 1,666 acres. This vast area places it among the largest integrated film studio complexes globally. While it holds a prominent position in terms of size, it’s essential to recognize that the ranking of “largest” can vary based on specific criteria, including land area, the number of studios, and the diversity of attractions offered within the studio complex. Therefore, while Ramoji Film City is undeniably one of the largest film studio complexes worldwide, it may not hold the definitive top ranking in every dimension of film city size.

Ramoji Film City Map 2023

Ramoji Film City Map 2022

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