Rancho Mágico Map and Brochure (2016 – 2023)

Location: San Miguel Topilejo, Mexico

Years Active: 2019 – Active

Forget the polished thrills and manicured lawns of those mega theme parks. Rancho Mágico is where the wild things are – both the animals and the rides. Expect a dash of organized chaos, a sprinkle of the unexpected, and a whole lot of close encounters with critters you won’t see on any nature documentary.

This place isn’t about perfection. It’s about heart-pounding laughter, jaw-dropping moments, and maybe even a splash of mud on those pristine sneakers.

Insider tip: Don’t be afraid to barter with the vendors – a little haggling is half the fun. And keep an eye out for the impromptu dance-offs… you might just get pulled into the action!

Rancho Mágico Map 2023

Rancho Mágico Map 2016

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