Rawhide Western Town Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Chandler, Arizona

Years Active: 1971 – Active

Rawhide Western Town ain’t no Disneyfied version of the Old West. It’s a dusty, sunbaked corner of Arizona where you can almost smell the horses and gunpowder. Sure, it’s got the touristy stuff – shootouts, stagecoaches, and shops flogging souvenirs. But that’s part of the fun.

Step onto those creaky boardwalks, and you’re back in the 1880s. The saloons ain’t serving lattes – expect rough whiskey and rowdy crowds. Want to try your luck? Head over to the gold panning. You might get a few flakes, but don’t count on striking it rich.

Here’s an insider tip, want a real blacksmith experience? Skip the main demonstration and find the old guy working in the back. He’ll show you the real deal, and probably tell a few wild stories too.

Rawhide’s food is decent, but for the full experience, grab your grub after the crowds leave. You, the dusty streets, and maybe a stray tumbleweed – it’s pure Western movie magic.

Where was the original Rawhide?

The original Rawhide was a popular American Western television series that aired from 1959 to 1966. It was set in the American Old West and primarily took place on a fictional cattle drive route called the Sedalia Trail. The show was filmed at various locations in California, including the scenic areas of California’s Conejo Valley and the Spahn Ranch, which would later become notorious as the site of the Manson Family cult. The show’s main characters included cattle drovers and cowboys, and it depicted their adventures and challenges while driving cattle along the Sedalia Trail.

Rawhide Western Town Main Street Map 2023

Rawhide Western Town Event Center Map 2023

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