Roma World Map and Brochure (2021 – 2023)

Location: Roma RM, Italy

Years Active: 1993 – Active

Craving coasters and cotton candy, but burnt out on the same old theme park experience? Skip the overpriced tickets and predictable thrills. Roma World in Rome, Italy offers a history buff’s rollercoaster ride through ancient civilizations.

Think gladiatorial battles, mythological creatures, and enough toga-clad actors to fill the Colosseum. It’s not your typical amusement park, and that’s exactly what makes it so unforgettable. This is where you trade funnel cakes for feasting like an emperor and swap 3D simulators for hands-on archery lessons.

Insider tip: For a unique perspective on the park, climb aboard the Navis Mysterium water ride. The final drop offers a surprising glimpse of the park’s medieval section, something most visitors miss entirely!

How big was Roma World?

Roma World, a sprawling amusement park located in Rome, Italy, covered an expansive area of approximately 200 acres. This vast expanse of land accommodated numerous attractions, including themed zones, rides, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Its sheer size and diverse offerings made it a prominent destination for tourists and locals alike, contributing significantly to Rome’s tourism industry.

Roma World Map 2023

Roma World Map 2022

Roma World Map 2021

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