Rulantica Map and Brochure (2021 – 2023)

Location: Rust, Germany

Years Active: 2019 – Active

Rulantica isn’t just another splash zone. This place has a story! Vikings, myths, the whole atmosphere takes you on a wild water journey.

Want to hear the real deal? It’s got those classic water park thrills – twisty slides, lazy rivers, all that good stuff. But the theme is what sets Rulantica apart.

Now, a park this unique is bound to draw a crowd. And don’t get me wrong, it can get packed. Here’s the insider tip: beat those lines at the popular Mysty Falls slide by conquering Vildstrøm first. It’s a dark, high-speed rafting adventure that’s totally worth getting there early for.

Ready to ditch the beach and explore a whole new water world?

How big is the Rulantica waterpark?

Rulantica boasts an expansive 32,600 square meters (350,900 square feet) of indoor water park space. This includes a wide array of attractions, such as slides, pools, and themed areas. The park also features an outdoor area called Svalgurok, adding an additional 9,000 square meters (96,875 square feet) of aquatic fun.

Rulantica Map 2023

Rulantica Map 2022

Rulantica Map 2021

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