Saint Louis Zoo Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Years Active: 1910 – Active

The Saint Louis Zoo, situated in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri, is a renowned institution that has captivated the hearts of visitors from near and far since its opening on April 18, 1910. Nestled within the lush and sprawling Forest Park, this cherished zoological park stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to conservation, education, and wildlife preservation. With a mission to connect people with animals and promote conservation efforts, the Saint Louis Zoo has evolved into a dynamic and immersive destination, attracting millions of visitors annually.

The zoo’s central theme revolves around the preservation of biodiversity and the promotion of wildlife conservation. Home to over 17,000 animals representing approximately 600 species, the Saint Louis Zoo offers a diverse and engaging experience for visitors of all ages. Some of its key attractions include the River’s Edge, where visitors can encounter animals from various continents, the Sea Lion Sound showcasing playful sea lions and penguins, and the WildCare Park, offering interactive exhibits and educational programs. The Saint Louis Zoo’s dedication to fostering appreciation for wildlife extends to its numerous educational programs, making it an ideal destination for both entertainment and learning.

The Saint Louis Zoo is not only a year-round destination but also hosts a series of exciting festivals and events throughout the year. Visitors can look forward to events such as “Zoo Brew,” an adult-oriented evening of craft beer and live music, and the “Boo at the Zoo” Halloween celebration for families. Recent visitor statistics have demonstrated the zoo’s enduring popularity, with millions of guests passing through its gates annually, making it one of the most-visited zoos in the United States.

Why is the St. Louis Zoo famous?

The St. Louis Zoo is renowned for its extensive collection of animals and its commitment to conservation and education. Established in 1910, it has consistently expanded and improved its facilities to provide a world-class experience for visitors. One of its notable features is its free admission policy, allowing people of all backgrounds to enjoy its exhibits. Moreover, the zoo actively participates in global conservation efforts and has made significant contributions to the protection of endangered species.

What is the rank of the St. Louis Zoo?

The St. Louis Zoo is consistently ranked among the top zoological institutions in the United States and even internationally. While specific rankings may vary from year to year, it is typically recognized as one of the leading zoos in terms of the size of its collection, the quality of its exhibits, and its dedication to wildlife conservation and education. Its esteemed reputation is a testament to its ongoing commitment to excellence in the field of zoology.

How big is the Saint Louis Zoo?

The Saint Louis Zoo covers an expansive area of approximately 90 acres within Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri. This substantial size allows the zoo to house a diverse range of animals and create naturalistic habitats that mimic the animals’ native environments. The large footprint of the zoo ensures that visitors can explore a wide variety of exhibits and species while also providing ample space for research, education, and conservation initiatives.

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