San Antonio Zoo Map and Brochure (2020 – 2023)

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Years Active: 1914 – Active

Forget any stuffy image you have of zoos. The San Antonio Zoo is all about getting up close with the wild. Since 1914, it’s been a Texas favorite. Sure, it’s in a gorgeous park, and they put on kid-friendly events like Zoo Boo…but this place has real bite.

Love big predators? Africa Live! delivers. Gibbon Forest is monkey madness. afternoons are less crowded, and animals perk up when it’s cooler. But hey, if chaos is your thing, weekend mornings are a wild ride.

This isn’t just about pretty exhibits. They take conservation seriously. But let’s be real – some of those animal enclosures are small. It’s a debate: better to see amazing creatures up close, or is more space always better? You decide.

What is special about the San Antonio Zoo?

The San Antonio Zoo is renowned for its commitment to conservation and education. It houses a diverse array of over 3,500 animals representing 750 species, including several endangered and rare species. The zoo’s special attractions include the Russell Aquatic Ecology Center, Butterfly Garden, and Kronkosky’s Tiny Tot Nature Spot, providing immersive experiences and learning opportunities for visitors of all ages. Moreover, the San Antonio Zoo actively participates in global conservation efforts and promotes wildlife preservation through its various initiatives and partnerships, making it a unique and significant institution in the field of zoology.

How much does the San Antonio Zoo cost?

The cost of admission to the San Antonio Zoo varies depending on factors such as age, membership status, and any ongoing promotions or discounts. General admission prices for adults typically ranged from $19.99 to $29.99, while children and seniors could expect to pay lower rates. However, these prices are subject to change over time, and it is advisable to check the official San Antonio Zoo website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date pricing information.

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