Santa Ana Zoo Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Santa Ana, California

Years Active: 1952 – Active

Ever wondered what it’s like to hang out with a bunch of monkeys? The Santa Ana Zoo has your answer! It’s been the city’s animal haven since 1952 and takes its “Home of the 50 Monkeys” title very seriously.

They’ve got all kinds of cool primates – the super-acrobatic spider monkeys will blow your mind. Want to get closer? There’s a playground for kids, a lake with ducks you can watch, and even a little train to ride.

Word on the street is they’re building even more stuff. More monkeys, bigger spaces… you won’t want to miss what’s next. Locals get in for a pretty good price, so if you know someone in the area, see if they’ll take you!

What is Santa Ana Zoo known for?

The Santa Ana Zoo, located in Santa Ana, California, is renowned for its focus on the conservation and exhibition of primates. It is particularly known for its extensive collection of small to medium-sized primates from around the world. The zoo is recognized for its efforts in breeding and maintaining various endangered primate species, including the critically endangered Golden Lion Tamarin. Visitors to the Santa Ana Zoo can explore these primate exhibits while also enjoying the zoo’s beautifully landscaped grounds and educational programs.

Who owns the Santa Ana Zoo?

The Santa Ana Zoo is owned and operated by the City of Santa Ana, California. The zoo is part of the city’s recreational and educational facilities and is managed by the Santa Ana Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Agency. It serves as a valuable community resource for both residents and visitors, offering educational programs, conservation initiatives, and an opportunity to connect with a diverse range of animal species.

Santa Ana Zoo Map 2023

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