Santa’s Wonderland Map and Brochure (2021 – 2023)

Location: College Station, TX

Years Active: 1998 – Active

Forget those cheesy Christmas light displays. Santa’s Wonderland in College Station is where the real holiday magic happens…or doesn’t, depending on what you’re into. This place is huge, packed with lights, and the perfect recipe for a Texas-sized holiday meltdown.

But hey, they’ve got carriage rides, ice skating, all the usual festive stuff. Bonfires, overpriced snacks, even a chance to whine to Santa in person. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure kind of deal.

How big is Santa’s Wonderland College Station?

Santa’s Wonderland in College Station, Texas, spans across sprawling acres of land. With its expansive layout, the park provides ample space for a wide range of holiday attractions and experiences. From illuminated trails to festive villages, visitors can explore the enchanting world of Santa’s Wonderland on a grand scale.

Who owns Santa’s Wonderland in College Station TX?

Santa’s Wonderland in College Station, Texas, is owned and operated by the Wright family. Since its establishment in 1998, the Wright family has been dedicated to creating and maintaining a magical holiday destination for visitors to enjoy. Their commitment to providing enchanting experiences has solidified Santa’s Wonderland as a beloved fixture in the community’s holiday traditions.

Santa’s Wonderland Map 2023

Here’s the detailed comparison of Santa’s Wonderland maps from 2022 to 2023.

Overall Layout:

  • Both maps are divided into five sections: Santa’s Town, West Pole, The Trail of Lights, Santa’s Farm, and Rudolph’s Round-Up.
  • The overall layout of the park is very similar in both years, with most of the attractions being in the same location.


  • Added in 2023:
    • The Soopae at Fracha (Carousel)
    • King’s Christmas Cabin (Interactive Show)
    • Santa’s Sugar Plum Castle (Playhouse structure)
    • Texas Longhorns Photo (Photo Opportunity)
    • Mo’s Scatters (Scatter Blaster Game)
  • Removed in 2023:
    • Jingle Bell Express Train
    • Holly Trolley

Other Changes:

  • The name of Santa’s Merry Marketplace has been changed to Santa’s Trading Post.
  • The location of the Prancer Photo Op has been moved.
  • The number of reindeer in the Reindeer Corral has been increased.
  • The path of the Trail of Lights has been slightly changed.

Santa’s Wonderland Map 2022

Let’s dive into the detailed comparison between Santa’s Wonderland park maps of 2022 and 2021.

Overall changes:

  • The overall layout of the park is similar, with some minor changes to the location of attractions and pathways.
  • The 2022 map appears to have a more colorful and festive design than the 2021 map.

Specific changes:

  • New attractions in 2022: Santa’s Station, Santa’s Lone Star Lane, Rudolph’s Round-Up, Prancer’s Prancing Post, Jingle Bell Jamboree, Ornament Express, Holly Jolly Trolley, Frosty’s Funland, Shiver Me Timbers!, Santa’s Lil’ Elves Workshop, Elf Academy, The North Pole Bakery, and The Merry Marketplace.
  • Attractions removed in 2022: The Snowball Toss, The Polar Plunge, Santa’s Sleigh Ride, The Candy Cane Carousel, The Reindeer Games, The Elf on the Shelf Scavenger Hunt, and The North Pole Net Climb.
  • Attractions with name changes in 2022: Jingle Bell Express is now Jingle Bell Jamboree, Santa’s Workshop is now Santa’s Lil’ Elves Workshop, and The Christmas Tree Forest is now Frosty’s Funland.
  • Pathways: The pathway in the center of the park has been rerouted slightly in 2022. The pathway that went around the perimeter of the park in 2021 has been removed in 2022.

Santa’s Wonderland Map 2021

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