Saurier Park Map and Brochure (2020 – 2023)

Location: Bautzen, Germany

Years Active: 1987 – Active

Look, if you’re expecting a Disney-fied dinosaur experience, Saurier Park will be a shock. This place is delightfully weird. The dinosaurs are part impressive, part hilariously outdated. Think faded colors and slightly wonky eyes. The rides could use a fresh coat of paint (or maybe a full-on replacement). And the whole place has a gloriously overgrown, lost-in-time feel.

But you know what? That’s why I love it. Saurier Park doesn’t try to hide its age or imperfections. It’s a place where kids can run wild, get covered in dirt, and let their imaginations soar among dinosaurs that might be a little goofy, but always awe-inspiring.

Saurier Park Map 2023

Saurier Park Map 2022

Saurier Park Map 2020

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