Seoul Children’s Grand Park Map and Brochure (2020 – 2023)

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Years Active: 1973 – Active

Think theme parks are just about cutting-edge roller coasters and costumed characters? Seoul Children’s Grand Park challenges that notion. It’s a different beast altogether – a place where nature meets a hint of nostalgia.

Sure, it may lack the glitz of newer parks. But if you crave a break from the city’s neon buzz, this place might just win you over. Lush greenery, a serene lake, even a zoo – it’s surprisingly chill.

Insider Tip: Ditch the main attractions and head to the Botanical Garden. It’s tucked away, offering a tranquil space with traditional Korean pavilions. A perfect escape from any crowds!

How do I get to Seoul Children’s Grand Park?

To reach Seoul Children’s Grand Park, utilize Seoul’s efficient public transportation network. The park is accessible via subway Line 7, alighting at the Children’s Grand Park station (Exit 1). Additionally, various bus routes serve the park, providing convenient access from different parts of the city.

How much is Seoul Children’s Grand Park?

Seoul Children’s Grand Park offers free admission to visitors, making it an accessible destination for families and individuals seeking recreational and educational experiences. There are no entrance fees or charges for enjoying the diverse attractions and facilities within the park.

Seoul Children’s Grand Park Map 2023

Seoul Children’s Grand Park Map 2022

Seoul Children’s Grand Park Map 2021

Seoul Children’s Grand Park Map 2020

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