Serengeti Park Hodenhagen Map and Brochure (2022 – 2024)

Location: Hodenhagen, Germany

Years Active: 1974 – Active

Serengeti Park in Germany promises a wild ride – and not just on its rickety rollercoasters. This is where you ditch the sanitized nature documentaries and get a dose of the animal kingdom’s messy reality. Lions, giraffes, monkeys… they roam free, which means they might just decide to check out your car (or worse, use it as a bathroom).

Don’t expect manicured lawns and perfectly choreographed animal shows. This place has a rough-around-the edges vibe that some might find off-putting. But hey, nature’s not always pretty. Think of it as the gritty, uncensored version of a zoo.

Spring for the Safari Tour – it’s the only way to get truly close to the big animals. For an extra kick, bring binoculars. You might catch a glimpse of some animal drama you wouldn’t see from a distance.

Serengeti Park isn’t without controversy. Animal rights debates aside, be prepared for some unpredictable encounters. But if you want your wildlife experience with a side of adrenaline, this place just might be your jam.

Ownership of Serengeti Park Hodenhagen?

Serengeti Park Hodenhagen is owned and operated by the Buhrmann-Group, a renowned family-owned company based in Hodenhagen, Germany. With a commitment to wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship, the Buhrmann-Group has established Serengeti Park Hodenhagen as a premier destination for safari experiences and animal encounters.

Cost at Serengeti Park Hodenhagen?

The cost of admission to Serengeti Park Hodenhagen varies depending on factors such as age, time of visit, and additional experiences chosen. Generally, ticket prices range from approximately €30 to €40 per adult and €25 to €35 per child, with discounts available for seniors and groups.

Serengeti Park Hodenhagen Map 2024

Serengeti Park Hodenhagen Brochure 2024

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Serengeti Park Hodenhagen Brochure 2023

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