Storybook Land Map and Brochure (2021)

Location: Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

Years Active: 1955 – Active

Welcome to Storybook Land, a whimsical and enchanting amusement park nestled in the heart of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. Founded in 1955, this beloved family destination has been captivating the imaginations of visitors for nearly seven decades. Storybook Land is a place where classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes come to life, offering a magical experience that transports visitors into the pages of their favorite stories.

Storybook Land’s enchanting theme is evident in every corner of the park, from its charming castle entrance to its meticulously crafted attractions. Families can explore attractions such as Cinderella’s Castle, Humpty Dumpty’s Great Fall, and Mother Goose’s House. Throughout the year, Storybook Land hosts a variety of festivals and events, including holiday celebrations and character meet-and-greets, enhancing the park’s appeal to visitors of all ages.

What age is best for Storybook Land?

Storybook Land is primarily designed for young children, typically ranging from toddlers to early teenagers. The park’s enchanting and age-appropriate attractions, including gentle rides, interactive exhibits, and live entertainment, make it most enjoyable for families with children in this age group. However, people of all ages can appreciate the nostalgic charm and creativity of Storybook Land, making it a delightful destination for visitors of various generations.

Storybook Land Map 2021

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