Summer Waves Water Park Map and Brochure (2022 – 2023)

Location: Jekyll Island, Georgia

Years Active: 1987 – Active

Summer Waves Water Park – it’s been around since ‘1987, but is it worth the hype? Sure, they’ve got the classics a wave pool, a lazy river, some twisty slides. They even throw occasional festivals to liven things up.

But let’s be real. The lines in peak season are brutal. The Hurricane and the Thunderbolt? Those were cool…back in the 90s. If you’re expecting cutting-edge thrills, you’ll be disappointed.

How Tall is Pirates Passage at Summer Waves?

Pirates Passage at Summer Waves Water Park boasts a towering height of 45 feet. This thrilling water slide offers guests an exhilarating experience with its twists and turns. Standing tall, Pirates Passage provides an adventurous ride for visitors seeking excitement at the park.

Summer Waves Water Park Map 2023

Here is a detailed comparison of the 2021 and 2023 Summer Waves Water Park maps:

Overall changes:

  • The park has undergone a significant amount of renovation and expansion between 2021 and 2023.
  • Several new attractions have been added, including:
    • New Splash Pad: A children’s play area with water slides, fountains, and spray guns.
    • Force 3: A new water slide complex featuring three slides: Daredevil, Acrobat, and Carousel.
  • Some existing attractions have been removed or renamed:
    • The Raging Rapids water slide has been removed.
    • The Buccaneer Bay wave pool has been renamed to Frantic Atlantic Wave Pool.
    • The Kiddie Korner children’s play area has been renamed to Splash Zone.

Specific changes to attractions:

  • Frantic Atlantic Wave Pool: The wave pool has been expanded and now features a wave machine that generates waves up to six feet tall.
  • Pirate’s Passage: The water coaster has been repainted and given a new look.
  • Nature’s Revenge: The water slide has been rethemed and now features a new look and storyline.
  • Splash Zone: The children’s play area has been expanded and now features more slides, fountains, and spray guns.
  • Turtle Creek: The lazy river has been extended and now features a new waterfall.
  • Lion’s Lair: The Lion’s Lair slide complex has been removed and replaced with the new Force 3 complex.

Additional changes:

  • The park has added more shade structures throughout the park.
  • The park has added more restrooms and concession stands.
  • The park has repainted and improved the overall appearance of the park.

Summer Waves Water Park Map 2022

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