Tautphaus Park Zoo Map and Brochure (2020 – 2023)

Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho

Years Active: 1934 – Active

The Tautphaus Park Zoo It started small. Back in 1934, Idaho Falls took over a modest park. Think local critters – bears, elk, even badgers. The zoo director? A guy named Al Heslop, living right there on-site. Talk about dedication!

Fast-forward to today. This place is wild (literally). The Idaho Falls Zoo packs 300+ amazing animals into just 7 acres. They specialize in the exotic – the kind of creatures you won’t see next door at Zoo Idaho. It’s earned the nickname “the best little zoo in the west,” and let’s be real, they’re not wrong. The city runs the show, but this zoo’s an AZA star, even helping with animal conservation projects.

Want an insider tip? Get involved. The Tautphaus Park Zoological Society throws the best parties. Wines in the Wild, Boo at the Zoo… these events are FUN, and they help the zoo get even better.

Let’s be honest – it’s not perfect. The zoo’s small size can feel a bit cramped at times. But that also means you get up close and personal with some incredible animals. If you love wildlife, this place is worth a visit

Tautphaus Park Zoo Map 2023

Tautphaus Park Zoo Map 2022

Tautphaus Park Zoo Map 2021

Tautphaus Park Zoo Map 2020

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