Terra Natura Map and Brochure (2016 – 2024)

Location: Alicante, Spain

Years Active: 2005 – Active

Tired of the same old theme park glitz? Terra Natura in Alicante, Spain, offers a refreshingly wild twist. This isn’t about rollercoasters and costumed characters. It’s about immersing yourself in recreated habitats, watching lions prowl and elephants roam with surprising freedom.

Think sprawling natural landscapes, a focus on conservation, and encounters that prioritize respect over spectacle. But hey, respect doesn’t have to be boring. Here’s an insider tip: ditch the advertised “up-close” animal experiences. Instead, sneak into Pangea – a shadowy walk-through filled with swooping bats and the thrill of the unexpected.

How big is Terra Natura?

Terra Natura spans approximately 160,000 square meters, offering a vast expanse for visitors to explore. This sizable area encompasses various habitats and landscapes, providing ample space for diverse animal exhibits and immersive experiences.

What animals are in Terra Natura?

Terra Natura boasts a rich assortment of wildlife, including species native to different regions of the world. Visitors can encounter animals such as lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and numerous exotic bird species. The park’s focus on conservation and education ensures a fascinating and educational experience for all.

Is Terra Natura open in December?

Terra Natura typically remains open throughout the year, including the month of December. However, visitors should check the park’s schedule for any seasonal variations or special events. December offers a unique opportunity to witness the park adorned with festive decorations and possibly special winter-themed activities.

Terra Natura Map 2024

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Terra Natura Map 2016

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