The Beachouse Map and Brochure (2019 – 2023)

Location: Glenelg, Australia

Years Active: 2006 – Active

Craving a hit of adrenaline with million-dollar beachfront views? The Beachouse in Glenelg, Australia, throws nostalgia-fueled rides and heart-pounding coasters right in your face. Forget about fancy narratives and meticulously crafted themes – here, it’s all about pure, unadulterated fun.

Think white-knuckle drops, dizzying loops, and the pure joy of a classic carnival atmosphere. Plus, after dark, the Dodgems on the Beachouse pier transform into a drifting challenge under the dimmed lights – hold on tight for a whole new level of mayhem!

The Beachouse Map 2023

The Beachouse Map 2022

The Beachouse Map 2021

The Beachouse Map 2019

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