Toledo Zoo Map and Brochure (2010 – 2024)

Location: Toledo, Ohio

Years Active: 1990 – Active

The Toledo Zoo isn’t your average animal park. It’s been around forever – since 1900! Some love the old-school vibe, others find it a bit dated. They do have cool exhibits though – penguins, hippos, big cats… even polar bears. They’re big on conservation, which is awesome.

Want a crowd-free visit? Go on weekdays. Skip the pricier summer months if you can. The Lights Before Christmas is crazy popular, but also crazy packed. The zoo’s always working on something new, but some projects take a while.

Toledo Zoo Map 2024

Toledo Zoo Map 2015

Toledo Zoo Map 2014

Toledo Zoo Map 2013

Toledo Zoo Map 2011

Toledo Zoo Map 2010

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