Museum of Pop Culture Map and Brochure (2021 – 2024)

Location: Seattle, Washington

Years Active: 2000 – Active

Seattle’s got something weird and wonderful – the Museum of Pop Culture, aka MoPOP. This place is wild. Think music, sci-fi, video games – a total pop culture explosion! It opened back in 2000, right by the Space Needle.

MoPOP isn’t your standard museum. They’ve got this Sound Lab where you can make your own music. Ever wanted to channel your inner Hendrix? Here’s your chance! But if fantasy is more your thing, their Worlds of Myth and Magic exhibit is a must-see. Plus, they honor all the best sci-fi and fantasy writers in their own Hall of Fame.

Who is the owner of MoPOP?

The Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) is owned by the Seattle-based nonprofit organization, Vulcan Inc. Vulcan Inc. is a private company founded by the late Paul G. Allen, co-founder of Microsoft.

What does MoPOP stand for?

MoPOP stands for the “Museum of Pop Culture.” It is a cultural institution dedicated to exploring and showcasing the evolution and impact of popular culture, encompassing music, science fiction, technology, and various other forms of contemporary art and media.

Who funded MoPOP?

MoPOP has been primarily funded by contributions from its founder, Paul G. Allen, through his company, Vulcan Inc. Paul G. Allen’s substantial financial support enabled the establishment and ongoing operations of the museum, allowing it to fulfill its mission of preserving and celebrating the diverse facets of popular culture. Additionally, MoPOP may receive funding through various grants, donations, and admission fees from visitors to support its exhibitions and educational programs.

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