Valleyfair Map and Brochure (1995 – 2023)

Valleyfair Map 2003

Location: Shakopee, Minnesota

Years Active: 1976 – Active

Valleyfair is a 125-acre amusement park in Shakopee, Minnesota, United States. Owned by Cedar Fair, the park opened in 1976 and now features over 75 rides and attractions including eight roller coasters. Valleyfair also has a water park called Soak City which is included with the price of admission.

Cedar Point and Valleyfair were the first two parks in the Cedar Fair chain (although Cedar Point Amusement Park originally opened in 1870) and a combination of the park names – “cedar” and “fair” – were used to name the company.

Valleyfair Map 2023

Valleyfair Brochure 2008

Valleyfair Brochure 2005

Valleyfair Brochure 2004

Valleyfair Map 2003

Valleyfair Brochure 1995

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