Victorian Gardens Amusement Park Map and Brochure (2017 – 2019)

Location: New York, New York

Years Active: 2003 – Active

Step back in time! Victorian Gardens Amusement Park has been a Central Park tradition since 2003. This isn’t your standard theme park – it’s a slice of history with a dash of thrill. The ornate details and classic rides clash beautifully with the towering city skyline.

It’s ideal for families. Think carousels, mini-golf, and a few coasters to get the heart thumping. But Victorian Gardens has a softer side too. Think gardens, gentle rides, and a whimsical feel the kids will adore.

Time your visit right! Summer brings festivals, concerts, and all sorts of extra magic you won’t find advertised.

A little controversy? Sure. Victorian Gardens won’t satisfy hardcore thrill-seekers. And those picture-perfect Victorian vibes? They come at a premium price. But the charm, the joy – that’s priceless for the right crowd.

Victorian Gardens Amusement Park Map 2019

Victorian Gardens Amusement Park Map 2017

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