Wahooz Family Fun Zone Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Meridian, Idaho

Years Active: 2008 – Active

Wahooz Family Fun Zone…it sounds like the kind of place kids go wild and parents go broke. But hey, sometimes escaping the ordinary is worth the splurge, right? This Meridian amusement park has all the classic draws – go-karts, mini-golf, even a water park next door. Summer days get crowded, so here’s an insider tip: weekdays are your friend.

The place has a tropical theme, but honestly, don’t expect Disney-level immersion. It’s really about the activities. Their arcade ain’t bad, and the go-karts are genuinely fun. If you have little ones, mornings are calmer for those kiddie attractions.

Wahooz isn’t just about rides. They do big holiday events – fireworks, Halloween stuff, that kind of deal. If you’re a local, it can be a fun way to change up the usual celebrations.

Wahooz Family Fun Zone Map 2023

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