Walibi Wavre Map and Brochure (2000 – 2023)

Location: Wavre, Belgium

Years Active: 1975 – Active

Walibi Wavre, nestled in the charming town of Wavre, Belgium, is a thrilling theme park that has been captivating visitors since its grand opening on April 26, 1975. Located just a short drive from Brussels, this amusement park offers an unforgettable experience for families, thrill-seekers, and adventure enthusiasts alike. Known for its dynamic and vibrant atmosphere, Walibi Wavre combines the excitement of heart-pounding rides with a playful and engaging theme, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an adrenaline-fueled escapade.

The park’s overarching theme revolves around a quirky and colorful mix of whimsical characters, from the mischievous kangaroo mascot, Walibi, to the eclectic cast of creatures that inhabit the park. Walibi Wavre boasts an impressive lineup of attractions, including the gravity-defying roller coasters such as the renowned Vampire and the exhilarating Pulsar, a water coaster that will leave you soaked and exhilarated. Additionally, the park offers a variety of family-friendly rides, live entertainment, and delectable dining options, ensuring a memorable experience for visitors of all ages.

Walibi Wavre is not only a place of thrilling rides and entertainment but also a hub for exciting festivals and events throughout the year. From spine-tingling Halloween celebrations to festive Christmas extravaganzas, the park never fails to provide unique and captivating experiences for its guests. Recent visitor statistics attest to its popularity, with millions of guests from across the globe flocking to Walibi Wavre annually. With its continued commitment to providing unforgettable moments, the park has exciting expansion plans on the horizon, promising even more thrills, entertainment, and adventure for future generations of visitors.

Owner of Walibi Belgium

Walibi Belgium is owned and operated by Compagnie des Alpes, a French leisure and entertainment company. Compagnie des Alpes is a major player in the European theme park industry, operating numerous amusement parks and ski resorts across Europe. They acquired the Walibi Belgium theme park, along with other Walibi-branded parks, as part of their portfolio, and have continued to invest in and develop the park’s attractions and facilities.

Origin of the Name Walibi

The name “Walibi” originates from the combination of three Belgian towns: Wavre, Limal, and Bierges. These towns are located in the Walloon Brabant region of Belgium. The park was initially named “Walibi Wavre” when it opened in 1975. Over the years, the park expanded and evolved, and its name was eventually simplified to “Walibi Belgium.” The park has undergone several transformations and renovations since its inception, becoming one of the popular amusement destinations in Belgium.

Walibi Wavre Map 2023

Walibi Wavre Winter Map 2023

Walibi Wavre Map 2000

Walibi Wavre Brochure 2000

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