Walt Disney Studios Paris Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Marne-la-Vallée, France

Years Active: 2002 – Active

Walt Disney Studios Paris…it’s the “other” park at Disneyland Paris. Sure, it opened in 2002 with a glitzy Hollywood theme, but let’s be honest, it started a bit underwhelming. Still, there’s fun to be had! Crush’s Coaster is a wild ride, and Ratatouille, The Adventure is surprisingly charming.

Want a true insider tip? Skip the Studio Tram Tour. It’s slow and outdated. Instead, check out the live shows – they can be cheesy, but sometimes that’s the best kind of fun.

Disneyland Paris does seasonal events well, and Studios Park is no exception. Expect some cool additions if you visit during a festival! Word on the street is massive expansions are coming, with Marvel and more. Who knows, maybe this’ll be the park’s big break to finally rival the classic side of Disneyland Paris.

Is Disney Studios Paris worth it?

Disney Studios Paris, also known as Walt Disney Studios Park, is worth a visit for fans of Disney and cinema. It offers a unique behind-the-scenes experience, showcasing the magic of filmmaking. Visitors can enjoy thrilling rides like Ratatouille: The Adventure and Crush’s Coaster, along with immersive attractions like Toy Story Playland. While it may not be as extensive as Disneyland Park, the park’s themed areas and attractions provide a worthwhile complement to the overall Disneyland Paris experience.

Is Walt Disney Studios included in Disneyland Paris?

Yes, Walt Disney Studios Park is one of the two major theme parks that make up Disneyland Paris. The other park is Disneyland Park. Walt Disney Studios Park is adjacent to Disneyland Park and offers a distinct experience focused on the world of cinema, animation, and movie production. Visitors to Disneyland Paris can choose to purchase tickets for either one park or a park hopper ticket that allows access to both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park on the same day.

Which city is Disney World in France?

Disney World, or Walt Disney World Resort, is not located in France. It is situated in the United States, specifically in Orlando, Florida. In France, you’ll find Disneyland Paris, which is the Disney theme park resort in Europe, consisting of Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, located in Marne-la-Vallée, a suburb of Paris.

Walt Disney Studios Map 2023

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