Waterville USA Map and Brochure (2023)

Location: Decatur, Alabama

Years Active: 1986 – Active

Waterville USA isn’t some fancy coastal resort. It’s a down-home Alabama waterpark, perfect for families that love a little chaos mixed with their fun. They opened way back in ’86, and yeah, some of the rides show their age. But that’s part of the charm, right?

Don’t miss the Cannonball Run coaster – it’s old-school and will rattle your bones! They’ve got a decent wave pool and enough slides to keep the kids busy all day. Want a break from the water? Try the Navigatour Adventure Golf – it’s surprisingly challenging.

Insider tip: hit Waterville USA during one of their festivals. Things get even wilder, and they sometimes have discounts. July 4th is a blast (sometimes literally – fireworks!). Halloween’s a scream if you like kid-friendly spooky stuff.

Is it the best waterpark ever? Nope. But it’s a solid, affordable way to cool off on a hot Alabama day and have some genuine laughs with your family.

What states have a Waterville?

Waterville is a toponym that is commonly found in several states across the United States. Some of the states with a town or locality named Waterville include Maine, Ohio, New York, Washington, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Each of these Watervilles may vary in size and significance within their respective states.

How old is Waterville USA?

Waterville USA is an amusement and water park located in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It was established in 1986, making it approximately 37 years old as of the current year, 2023. Over the years, Waterville USA has become a popular attraction for both locals and tourists, offering a wide range of rides and entertainment options for visitors of all ages.

Waterville USA Map 2023

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