Western Playland Map and Brochure (2016 – 2017)

Location: Sunland Park, New Mexico

Years Active: 1960 – Active

Western Playland ain’t Disney World, and that’s exactly why locals love it. This New Mexico gem has been serving up scrappy, old-fashioned fun since 1960. It’s got that classic boardwalk grit mixed with a dose of Southwest kitsch. Think rattly roller coasters, cheesy Western decor, and tons of fried food goodness.

The “Turbine” coaster is a must for serious thrill-seekers, while the bumper cars are a classic crowd-pleaser. Want to slow things down? Take a spin on the vintage train or the rickety old carousel. This place isn’t afraid of a few squeaky wheels and some chipped paint. That’s part of its charm.

Western Playland gets HOT in the summer. Go in the late afternoon for smaller crowds and a bearable temp. Also, keep an eye out for crazy deals and events. They do fireworks, concerts, and all sorts of random fun stuff to spice things up.

Who is the owner of Western Playland?

Western Playland, an amusement park located in Sunland Park, New Mexico, is owned and operated by Pat Thompson. Pat Thompson has been actively involved in the amusement park industry for many years and has played a pivotal role in managing and maintaining Western Playland since its inception. Under his ownership, Western Playland offers a wide range of thrilling rides and attractions, providing entertainment for visitors of all ages. Thompson’s dedication to the park’s success has made Western Playland a popular destination for families and thrill-seekers in the Southwestern United States.

Western Playland Map 2017

Western Playland Map 2016

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