WhiteWater World Map and Brochure (2022 – 2024)

Location: Coomera, Australia

Years Active: 2006 – Active

The sun beats down, the smell of sunscreen fills the air, and a rush of water sends you flying down a massive slide. That’s the WhiteWater World experience. It’s a mix of pure adrenaline and good ol’ fashioned water park fun. Think epic drops that’ll make your heart race and laughter-filled rides perfect for the whole crew.

But listen, WhiteWater World isn’t just about soaking up the thrills. Take a break in the shade with some tasty treats, float around the lazy river, and let the little ones splash around in dedicated kids’ areas.

Insider tip: Want to beat the crowd? Weekdays are your best bet. Plus, hit those big slides first thing in the morning – the lines get longer later in the day.

Which is better: Wet’n’Wild or WhiteWater World?

Determining whether Wet’n’Wild or WhiteWater World is better largely depends on individual preferences. Wet’n’Wild, located in Oxenford, boasts a larger variety of slides and attractions, including the iconic Tornado and AquaLoop. On the other hand, WhiteWater World, situated adjacent to Dreamworld in Coomera, offers a more themed experience with attractions like the Cave of Waves and the Green Room. Ultimately, visitors may prefer one park over the other based on factors such as ride selection, theming, and overall atmosphere.

WhiteWater World Map 2024

WhiteWater World Map 2023

WhiteWater World Map 2022

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