Wild Water & Wheels Map and Brochure (2012 – 2023)

Location: Surfside Beach, South Carolina

Years Active: 1958 – Active

Wild Water & Wheels… it’s that classic Surfside Beach spot with the faded colors and slightly rusty rides. But hey, that’s part of the charm, right? Locals have loved (and tolerated) this place for decades. You won’t find cutting-edge tech here, but you WILL get those nostalgic summertime vibes.

Let’s talk waterpark. They’ve got the slides, the wave pool, all that good stuff. The lazy river is surprisingly decent. Pro tip: weekdays mean shorter lines, and the park gets half-price after 3 PM! If you’re feeling brave, the “Free Fall Cliff Dive” slide is the real deal. Some rides are pure old-school amusement park – rickety but fun.

Wild Water & Wheels isn’t big on fancy events, but sometimes they’ll have a local band or a low-key food truck festival. It’s a hit-or-miss bonus. This place isn’t for everyone – but if you want that classic beachside park experience, some good thrills, and don’t mind a bit of old-timey grit, it might just be your jam.

Wild Water & Wheels Map 2023

Wild Water & Wheels Map 2017

Wild Water & Wheels Map 2015

Wild Water & Wheels Map 2012

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